Charity to launch customer loyalty cards in Portsmouth

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SALVATION Army charity shops in Portsmouth are set to launch a customer loyalty card scheme next week.

The charity says the scheme, which starts on Monday, will help customers’ budgets stretch further by giving them the chance to earn up to £15 worth of rewards for shopping and donating.

The new ‘re:ward’ card is a free loyalty card that rewards customers each time they spend £5 in the shop or donate their unwanted items using one of the shop’s reuseable ‘re:bags’.

Each time a customer spends £5 in-store, one side of the reward card, entitled ‘re:visit’ will be stamped, with 10 stamps earning customers £5 credit to spend in-store.

The other side of the card rewards donations to the charity, which works in conjunction with a re:bag – a reusable black, white and red bag that can be bought in-store for 99p.

Each time a re:bag is brought into the store full of donations, a stamp to the value of £2 will be given, replacing the current system of issuing £2 vouchers.