Chas Hodges from Chas and Dave dies aged 74

Chas Hodges, right, and Dave Peacock
Chas Hodges, right, and Dave Peacock

CHAS Hodges from much-loved Cockney musical duo Chas and Dave died today, it has been confirmed. 

The singer and pianist formed the band in 1975 with Dave Peacock and the pair became well known for knees-up songs such as Ain’t No Pleasing You and Rabbit.

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He had been ill with cancer but had been successfully treated for it.

The pair toured regularly, playing at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth and Fareham’s Ferneham Hall in 2016.

A statement shared on Chas and Dave's Twitter page read: ‘It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of our very own Chas Hodges.

‘Despite receiving successful treatment for oesophageal cancer recently, Chas suffered organ failure and passed away peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning.’