Chemical alert at college

Fareham College
Fareham College
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SEVEN fire vehicles went to a college after potentially hazardous containers were discovered.

A member of the public dialled 999 after finding several containers among building waste in the car park at Fareham College, which is currently undergoing refurbishment work.

Fire engines and specialist vehicles arrived at about 1pm and cordoned off the area, off Bishopsfield Road.

Crew manager Rob Sansome, from Fareham fire station, said detection equipment was used to work out what the containers were and whether they posed a threat.

He said: ‘They were samples from the science lab.

‘They had been left outside in the car park.

‘We used detection equipment to determine what it was.

‘There were very small levels of radioactive materials which were used for educational purposes in the science lab.’

He said there was no safety threat and firefighters left the scene at about 2.30pm.

Crews from Fareham, Portchester, Winchester, Romsey and Cosham went to the incident.

Mr Sansome added that the materials were left with the college principal to dispose of.