Chichester sailor will compete in Golden Globe Race following in Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s footsteps

Tim Newson
Tim Newson
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A KEEN sailor is tackling one of the toughest yacht races – following in the footsteps of sailing legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

Tim Newson, who grew up near Chichester, will compete in the Golden Globe Race which will last around nine months.

Just to get to the start line of this race will take a vast enterprise.

Tim Newson

The 35-year-old has already started training for the race, which is in 2018 and marks the 50th anniversary since Sir Robin, who lives in Old Portsmouth, won the solo non-stop race in 1968-1969.

Tim said: ‘I’ve always wanted to race but it’s an incredibly expensive thing to do. It is dangerous but I have a lot of trust in the boat and if I’m going to do anything, I might as well just do this.’

For the race starting in the summer of 2018, Tim is undergoing a training programme that will include two solo crossings of the Atlantic.

He added: ‘Just to get to the start line of this race will take a vast enterprise.

‘Once under way, shaping the sails to catch the wind is a craft that requires constant attention and then, there’s the navigation without electronic aids.

‘I will be using just the sun and stars to find our way. It’s going to be a real adventure.’

Tim has already completed more than 6,000 miles at sea and is completing preparations to refit his race boat, a Baba 35 called Black Sheep.

He is seeking advice from meteorologists, ocean racers and naval architects to help him in his initiative.

The Golden Globe Race starts in Falmouth in June 2018, and will see participants travel past South Africa, towards Australia before heading to South America and back to England.

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