Chick is born at Chichester Cathedral

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THE first baby chick has hatched for the famous peregrine falcons at Chichester Cathedral.

Visitors to the cathedral were able to see the scrawny pink chick breaking out of its shell – and then wriggling underneath its mother.

The live birth was watched via a webcam, which is positioned next to the nest and beams video to a screen in the cathedral.

A volunteer for the RSPB was the first person to see the chick.

But it has been difficult to get a glimpse of the new arrival as it stays beneath its protective mother.

Pete Harrison, from RSPB South East, said: ‘We kept seeing the chick stretching its pink feet and wriggling beneath the female.

‘She was checking it every minute or so, and sometimes she would let it emerge a little and take a good look at it.

‘But then she would quickly sit on top of it again.’

The shelter provided by the mother’s body will be vital to protect the vulnerable chick from the strong sunlight beaming down on the nest – and to save it from any potential attackers.

Experts said mum and dad’s teamwork over the coming days will be vital for the survival of the chick.

Mr Harrison added: ‘It will be his job for to go out and hunt for increasing amounts of food for the female and the chicks, while she continues to keep them safe.

‘In previous years, the female has also let him help feed the chicks, which is unusual for peregrines.’