Chief constable offers condolences after Shoreham disaster

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THE chief constable of a police force has placed his own floral tribute at the Shoreham air crash site.

Offering his ‘sincere condolences’, Giles York, who leads Sussex police, said: ‘It will always live in the memories of this community and some people will bear the scars for a very long time to come.

‘I have visited the scene a few times and spoken to some of the 200 people there working to help identify victims and find answers for the families affected.

‘It is an incredibly challenging scene. Weather has hampered the speed at which the investigation is being carried out. There is a danger of evidence being lost and that is why we are preserving the scene for so long.

‘We are determined that we will find answers for families who have lost their loved ones.’

The A27 is set to reopen on Monday, but will be reduced to a single lane for several weeks.