Chief technician in the Royal Air Force ends life

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A CHIEF aviation technician in the Royal Air Force committed suicide, a coroner has ruled.

Darren Evans, 39, from Harcourt Road, Fareham, had been suffering from marital problems in the run-up to his death.

A coroner’s court heard that Mr Evans had texted his wife, Wendy, hours before he collapsed telling her that it was too late. She had assumed that he meant he was leaving the family home.

Mrs Evans told the hearing that Mr Evans visited Titchfield Cemetery in the hours before he collapsed at home, suffering from poisoning.

Mrs Evans had previously discovered Mr Evans had researched ways to commit suicide in his internet browser history. When she challenged him about it, he ‘shrugged it off’.

Mr Evans collapsed at home on the evening of June 10. He had complained of being thirsty and having tingling lips. When he started to feel unwell, concerned Mrs Evans had asked him if he needed a doctor. She said: ‘The way he had been and the fact that I had seen the stuff on the computer, I said “should I be worried?” to which he said “no”.’

The court heard that Mr Evans had not been on any medication and that he had shown no signs of depression.

Coroner David Horsley ruled a verdict of suicide.

He said ‘The way that he has done what he has done leaves me in no doubt he has done this deliberately.’