Children evacuated in flood drama at Portsmouth school

The clean up begins at Portsdown Primary school in Portsmouth.
The clean up begins at Portsdown Primary school in Portsmouth.
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Children were evacuated from a Portsmouth school when it flooded today.

Portsdown Primary School, in Cosham, was hit in torrential rain this morning.

Staff noticed a flood of water flowing down a hill at the back of the school’s playground, over the wall, and into the school shortly after 10am.

They evacuated the children, sending them to the upper school, which is in a higher part of the building, and a children’s centre which is in a different building.

They then called emergency services and one fire crew from Cosham arrived on the scene at 10.40am.

Firefighters created a defence structure out of plastic sandbags to protect the building from further flooding.

Irene Baldry, the school’s head teacher, said: ‘Water was rushing over the wall like a waterfall. Within half an hour it had flooded five classrooms, the school hall, kitchen, my office and the hallway.

‘Half the school was under water - it was two and a half inches deep in some places.

‘We evacuated the children and called the fire brigade who laid down bolsters to keep the water at bay.

‘It’s now just sitting on the one level and and we have people with heavy duty vacuums trying to get rid of it.’