Children issued warning over climbing cliffs in Portsmouth

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FIREFIGHTERS have warned about the dangers of children playing in chalk pits after a boy became stuck on a cliff ledge.

As reported in The News yesterday, a 10-year-old boy triggered a dramatic rescue after he became stuck while trying to climb down from a chalk pit above Lime Grove, Paulsgrove at around 2pm on Monday.

Firefighters from Cosham had to use a ladder and ropes to rescue the boy.

Though the youngster was unharmed, firefighters have issued a warning about the potential dangers of climbing into the chalk pits, which is part of land owned by Portsmouth City Council.

Colin Donnelly, community safety liaison officer for Portsmouth, said: ‘Children will put their lives at risk if they choose to climb up the cliffs into the chalk pits. Carrying out a rescue like this is a drain on our resources.

‘We are now in discussions with the council as to how security can be improved at the site.’