Chip pan blaze sparks warning from fire crew

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FIREFIGHTERS are warning of the dangers of chip pans after a kitchen blaze.

Fire engines were called to a house in Honeysuckle Lane, Selsey, at 7.10pm on Monday.

The chip pan fire had already been put out by the occupier, but firefighters issued safety advice and isolated the kitchen electrics.

A spokesman for West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Pans filled with hot oil are potentially extremely dangerous so extra vigilance is needed. Leaving them unattended, even momentarily, is long enough for a fire to develop.

‘Never fill a chip pan or other deep-fat fryer more than one third full of oil.

‘Never use water on a chip pan fire, this could cause a potentially lethal fireball.

‘Don’t use a fire extinguisher on a pan of oil – the force of the extinguisher can spread the fire.’