Christmas trees are recycled by Westbourne villagers

RECYCLERS Chris Eaton and his son Ruari, at the event
RECYCLERS Chris Eaton and his son Ruari, at the event
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ALMOST 100 Christmas trees were piled into a village square as people did their bit to help the environment.

Residents in Westbourne, near Emsworth, made sure their Christmas trees were put to good use.

Instead of throwing them out, people carried them to the square, where they were turned into wood chippings.

The recycling event was organised by climate change action group Greening Westbourne, which also collected Christmas cards for recycling.   

Michael Reed, a tree works specialist from Westbourne, performed the chipping for free.

The chippings will be used to cover paths at village allotments.

Campaign chairman Colin Carré said: ‘The event is part of village tradition now and it’s great that so many more villagers are taking part. Last year we had about 70 trees, and this year we had 98.

‘We’re now looking at other projects to take on, and we’re continuing our push to get as many homes in the village insulated as possible.

‘We’re encouraging people to get their cavity walls done, as well as proper 270mm insulation in their lofts.’

Villagers interested in the campaign can email greening