Church wants residents to be proud of the community

CAMPAIGN Fr Ian Newton speaking to a family about ways they can take part in 'Proud to be Paulsgrove'
CAMPAIGN Fr Ian Newton speaking to a family about ways they can take part in 'Proud to be Paulsgrove'
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A CHURCH at the heart of Paulsgrove has launched a campaign to make its residents proud of the area.

Clergymen of St Michael’s Church, on Hempsted Road, greeted families at the recent Paulsgrove Carnival to discuss ways to promote a positive attitude towards the area.

Father Ian Newton is spearheading the campaign and has already seen a positive response since its launch.

He said: ‘I have had people who would not usually be involved in the community, coming up to me and asking how is the campaign doing?

‘I am really delighted with how well the concept has been received by everyone in the community.’

Since the campaign began it has picked up pace, with several other events already planned for residents to come along and air their views on how they can improve the area.

The next event the church is hosting will be a fish and chip evening, where residents will be invited to come to the church, enjoy some food, wine and entertainment, while they discuss what else they can do to make Paulsgrove a place to be proud to live.

The evening will be held at St Michael’s Church on Saturday, July 18, at 7pm.

Fr Newton said: ‘Paulsgrove has historically had a bad reputation.

‘But since the launch of the campaign I have had people say to me they would not want to live anywhere else apart from Paulsgrove.

‘People have an umbilical link with the area. They may go away for a bit but they always seem to come back, and that is what I think is great about Paulsgrove and why I am proud to be part of this community.’

The church is hoping to get schools, local businesses and community groups involved in the campaign, and spread the positive message about Paulsgrove.

Fr Newton wants the church, which is situated in the centre of Paulsgorve, to 
also become the centre of the whole community.

He said: ‘You see people wearing “I love London” T-shirts so why not make people “Proud to be Paulsgrove”.’