Close call for man who left iron switched on and got on train to London

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A MAN who had gone out and left his iron switched on had a close call on Saturday.

West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service was called by the man, who was on his way to London on the train, on Saturday evening.

He rang 999 after realising he had left the iron on top of his bed at his flat in Queensway, Bognor Regis.

Fire crews from Bognor had to break into the flat.

A spokesman for the service said: ‘Luckily they got there just in time. There was no sign of a fire and they switched the iron off and removed it from the bed.

‘The gentleman was very lucky that he remembered and did the right thing to let us know as soon as he did.

‘This just goes to show how dangerous it can be if electrical appliances are left on unattended.’

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