Colonel Sanders changes his mind – thanks to Portsmouth baby

KFC WIN Little Leo Lovegrove
KFC WIN Little Leo Lovegrove
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BABIES around the UK could have their bottles warmed in fast food restaurants – thanks to little Leo Lovegrove.

Fast food chain KFC has rolled out Tommee Tippee bottle warmers in some of its restaurants after an experience at the North Harbour store left mum Donna Lovegrove feeling sour.

HAPPY NOW Donna Lovegrove with Leo and the manager of KFC in North Harbour Jeya Vasanthakumar.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (121079-1)

HAPPY NOW Donna Lovegrove with Leo and the manager of KFC in North Harbour Jeya Vasanthakumar. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (121079-1)

The mum-of-three, of Fareham Road, Gosport, said her requests for hot water to warm up her seven-month-old son Leo’s bottle were refused during a teatime visit in January.

Donna contacted KFC’s head office and complained that the restaurant did not cater for parents with babies.

Her views were listened to and the fast food giant, founded by Colonel Sanders, now offers bottle warmers to customers at 12 restaurants nationwide – including North Harbour and Gosport.

Mrs Lovegrove met with representatives at the North Harbour branch this week to test out the product.

She said: ‘It went well and I just hope they keep them on and roll them out in all branches, otherwise our work would be for nothing.

‘I was surprised when it happened and it spurred me on to contact KFC.

‘They are supposed to be a family restaurant.’

Mrs Lovegrove, who runs a website called, is now urging the chain to advertise the bottle warmers in store.

She said: ‘They have looked into doing something about it rather than ignore me but I still feel like I am the smaller person trying to make a difference.

‘If we can get KFC to do it it would be easier to convince other restaurants to do the same thing.’

A spokesperson for KFC in North Harbour said advertising will be more prevalent if the warmers are rolled out to all stores after the trial ends on April 30

She said: ‘We want to make dining at KFC as family-friendly as we can, and we understand that baby bottle warming facilities are important to mums.

‘We know that Donna had a less-than-perfect experience last time she visited us, so we’re delighted that she was able to visit the restaurant and provide feedback on the new equipment.’

A spokeswoman for the national parents charity NCT said parents need to be able to feed their baby when they are hungry.

She added: ‘It is important they feel supported when feeding outside the home.’