Colour yet to come for TV viewers in Portsmouth

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NOT everything in modern life is black and white.

But it is for 17 homes in Portsmouth who still have black and white TV sets.

Figures released by TV Licensing shows that nationally there has been a drop of 12 per cent in people paying for this type of licence.

It means there are 11,550 licenses in the United Kingdom – 48 years after colour transmissions started.

Emma Cowlard, a spokeswoman for TV Licensing, said: ‘Today’s figures show, even in the digital age, more than 11,000 homes still watch their favourite programmes on black and white televisions.

‘We may be on the brink of losing black and white sets to the history books but older technology will always be replaced by new ways of watching. It’s important that no matter how you watch live TV, whether on a black and white set or online, you’re correctly licensed to do so.’

There are five homes that still have black and white TV sets in Waterlooville, and 11 in Chichester. A licence costs £49 and a colour one costs £145.50.

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