‘Come and help us celebrate 108 years of serving others’

Last year's Rotary awareness stand at the Podium in Fareham.
Last year's Rotary awareness stand at the Podium in Fareham.
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FROM the local neighbourhood to the global network, Rotary International supports all types of communities.

In February, Rotarians will celebrate the Rotary Club’s 108th birthday.

It all started in February 1905, when Paul Harris, a lawyer in Chicago, called three friends to a meeting.

He wanted to capture in a professional club the same friendly spirit he had felt in the small towns of his youth.

Little did the four businessmen know that they had created the first Rotary Club.

Word of the club soon spread and other businessmen were invited to join and the name ‘Rotary’ appeared because they ‘rotated’ meetings between their offices.

New Rotary clubs sprang up in other cities and came to the UK in 1911.

The first Rotary Club in Fareham was founded in 1946 and there are now four clubs in the borough.

Today there are over 1.2m Rotary club members belonging to over 34,000 clubs, in more than 200 countries. With the support of local people, they sponsor projects to tackle important problems like poverty, health, hunger, illiteracy and environmental issues.

Members of Fareham’s Rotary Clubs will be in the town centre on Friday, February 22 to celebrate Rotary’s achievements locally and abroad.

We hope you will join us to celebrate and to find out more about what we do.

There will be Rotarians on hand to answer your questions and show you how the money you generously donate to Rotary has been spent.

Come along to the Podium on West Street and help us to celebrate more than 108 years of service to the local community and the world.