Comfy sofas and chairs for snug reading corners

FUN Denmead Infants pupils in their library. Picture: Steve Reid (122415-877)
FUN Denmead Infants pupils in their library. Picture: Steve Reid (122415-877)
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THE hard work of parents means children can now enjoy reading in comfy, colourful corners of their classrooms.

The 12-strong board of Denmead Infant School Parent Teachers Association (PTA) has raised an incredible £6,000 which is all going towards making reading more enjoyable for pupils.

The cash – raised through discos and fetes – has been invested in new books, colourful shelving which allows pupils to see the front covers of books, bright rugs, comfy sofas and seats.

Teachers hope it will encourage pupils to head straight for the reading corners – which have been installed in every classroom – when they have their free time to develop the subjects they love most.

Head of school Melanie Lambton said: ‘Our PTA are extremely active in school and do lots of different events for the children.

‘We had a very successful summer festival and those sort of events go on throughout the year.

‘They gave us £6,000 and we chose to spend the money on book corners for every classroom because reading is a very important part of the children’s day.

‘They are all absolutely delighted.

‘We have a very wide range – from picture books right up to chapter books – and we’ve managed to buy even more.’

Firm favourites are Harry and the Dinosaurs and the Horrid Henry series.

Each classroom has a settee and two little comfortable seats to relax on.

Sarah Holt, 45, is chairwoman of the PTA.

She said: ‘It took two years to raise the money and we wanted to wait until there was a substantial amount to spend on something they really needed.

‘We did it through Christmas fairs and Christmas shopping.

‘We bought little gifts and added a small amount to each time – about 10 pence – and the children could buy presents for their families and friends from the stall during the school day.

‘There was a disco and a magic show and we also sold canvas bags with the children’s pictures on them. My daughter Elen is just about to leave the school and it has been fantastic for her.

‘They have done very well in their SATS for reading and this will benefit them even more.

‘I can’t praise the school enough really.’

Seven-year-old Elen, who is a year two pupil said: ‘I think we’re really lucky.

‘It means that lots more children have nice things to sit on when they read.’