Commander Hadfield posts Portsmouth space shot

An image of Portsmouth take from space by Commander Chris Hadfield
An image of Portsmouth take from space by Commander Chris Hadfield
An exercise involving Hampshire emergency services has been held on board HMS Queen Elizabeth at HMNB Portsmouth.  Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service, Hampshire Ambulance Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) and Portsmouth Naval Bases Emergency Response Team (ERT) were put through their paces on board the Royal Navys brand new aircraft carrier.  The ship put together a realistic harbour fire exercise with training smoke and mock casualties to test their agencies in their response and in working together to combat an emergency on an extremely unfamiliar environment.

IN PICTURES: The first major emergency training exercise on HMS Queen Elizabeth

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An astronaut has shared a stunning photograph of the Portsmouth area he took from orbit around Earth.

Commander Chris Hadfield is a Canadian astronaut who shot to fame after posting messages on social media from on board the International Space Station.

At the weekend, he published another of his famous space photos.

This time, it was of Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. From the picture, you can clearly see the naval base and its basins, and all the major surrounding towns.

Cdr Hadfield said on Twitter: ‘Here’s Portsmouth, with the famed naval base visible from Earth orbit.’

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