COMMENT: Ask for ID - it’s better to be safe than sorry

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When people commit despicable crimes, they are often described as the ‘lowest of the low’. Those who steal charity collecting tins are a good example.

It’s hard to imagine how somebody could be so lacking in morals to commit an offence that would sicken every right-thinking person.

Well today we are sad to report a crime that most definitely falls into this category.

Eighty-year-old Dorothy Spokes is warning people to be wary of bogus callers after two men posing as water engineers stole thousands of pounds of jewellery and cash from her West Leigh home.

She answered her door to the pair, who told her they were from Portsmouth Water and had come to change her piping.

Trustingly, she let them in. But while one pretended to check the plumbing in the kitchen, the other sneaked upstairs and grabbed jewellery as well as cash.

The worth was measured in thousands of pounds. But what could never be quantified is the sentimental value to Mrs Spokes of the items that were taken. They included a gold watch belonging to her late husband, Maurice.

Then there is the psychological effect of such an unpleasant experience.

This is an elderly lady who has to use a wheelchair outside the house since she broke her neck and arm last year in a fall. When the thieves struck, she had just come back from a dialysis appointment.

Mrs Spokes thinks the pair must have been watching the house, waiting for her to come home so they could pounce.

We hope the police catch these men. And we urge everybody to make sure they ask to see ID before letting people into the house. If you’re not certain, don’t let them in. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry.