COMMENT: Strong words spoken about the pure hell of narcotics

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Drug use has been going on around the world seemingly since time immemorial and it will continue to do so.

We all have a choice, even with the legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco, but when it comes to the really nasty stuff that’s when it needs a real, provocative and hopefully long-lasting insight into the untold damage and who better to pass on such a message than a reformed drug dealer who now knows he is lucky to still be alive?

Hayling College students were given a talk by former Liverpool University graduate Shaun Attwood who spoke of his time in prison in America after being arrested for distributing Ecstasy distributor, smuggling $4m worth of drugs and how it all came crashing down when a SWAT team knocked on his door in 2002.

It was a great idea to get Shaun to talk to the students about the real effects of narcotics on the market and that they are not ‘cool or sophisticated’ as often portrayed by some comments that flash up now and again on various social media platforms..

This strong message from Shaun also ties in with the genuinely sad news regarding Emma Carolan who had been battling for two decades with crippling renal failure, which saw her undergoing a kidney transplant as a teen and needing constant dialysis.

But on July 22 – little more than a month before her next life-altering operation – the 33-year-old was found dead on her bathroom floor at her former home in White Oak Walk, West Leigh, after bingeing on cocaine the night before.

Mrs Carolan’s heartbroken dad, Nick McKeown, has now spoken out about the death of his ‘fun-loving’ daughter in a bid to highlight the fatal consequences dabbling in narcotics can have.

Let’s hope the future generation takes note.