COMMENT: The appalling state of the UK’s social care system

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 It’s one of those sad facts of life that in this day and age of ‘Brexit this, Brexit that’ the country seems to forget quite a lot of important things hitting our own population very hard.

Britain’s crippling social care system is forcing thousands of Portsmouth and Gosport pensioners to tend for older relatives and friends, according to Age UK.

And, says the charity, more than 8,400 people across both areas are simply ‘papering over the cracks’ by providing long-term unpaid care.

How have we come to this state of affairs?

Surely the elderly, who have paid into the social welfare system all their working lives via National Insurance, taxes etc., deserve an easy passage into their twilight years without having to worry?

Naturally, Age UK wants the government to wake up and face the growing problem.

It wants No.10 to get off its backside and fill the ‘short-term funding gap and deliver it’s long overdue social care green paper’ this year.

In all honesty, this should have been done eons ago but ‘austerity’ has been with us for many years now – ask the police, NHS, universities, schools and the armed forces to name but five who have been hit hard with the cash cosh.

One of the worst things about the latest data is that just under a third of unpaid older carers claim they were unable to take a break from their responsibilities.

Imagine, looking forward to retirement only to find you have to adopt a caring role.

Nothing wrong with that of course because family comes first and if a close family member or relative needs your help then so be it but the bigger picture is that too many people in  the UK are being left high and dry with no action being taken  to redress the situation. It’s time to act.