Community pulls together to help save puppy hit by car

Puppy Bruce, who was left with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in Havant
Puppy Bruce, who was left with life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car in Havant
  • Almost £1,300 is raised so far to help dog from Havant
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THE goodwill of the community is helping an adorable puppy that suffered horrendous injuries and was on the verge of death.

The puppy, called Bruce, was out for a walk when his lead clip broke.

He ran into the road and was hit by a car, sustaining a broken leg and pelvis, head injuries and a ruptured bladder.

Bruce belongs to Shanel Edin and Jack Hamson, from Havant, who have been given an £9,000 treatment bill already, not including any follow-up care.

Their friend Alex Boldry, from Waterlooville, has now started a fundraiser to help pay the bill.

Almost £1,300 has been raised so far, with more than 50 donations, many from strangers who have never met the dog.

Jack said: ‘Bruce was pulling on his retractable lead and the lead just unclipped. It was a huge shock as he’s only a puppy weighing less than five kilograms so it wasn’t particularly hard going on the lead.

‘He went running into the road and as the lead extended he was hit by a car. I rushed over and picked him up from under the car – I could see he was in complete shock and in so much pain. He even bit my hand.’

The couple rushed Bruce to an emergency vet, where he was immediately given pain relief and oxygen.

They later found out from a surgeon in Winchester that he had internal bleeding and a perforated bladder.

Shanel said: ‘The news was devastating and we were told to expect the worst. The surgeon said unless Bruce had surgery that day he would die.

‘We were quoted £11,000 in total for the surgery and were told to make a choice. Either we could pay for the surgery or have him put down.

‘We absolutely could not comprehend letting him go, so we agreed the fee. There was no guarantee he would make it, but not trying wasn’t an option for us.’

Bruce is now resting at his home in Havant. He cannot use his back legs at the moment but ‘is getting stronger day by day’, said Shanel. The couple’s pet insurance only covers £4,000 of the bill.

Alex said: ‘Shanel is my old school friend and a friend of the family. I just want to help in any way I can and people have been so generous.’

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Bruce at