Commuters left out in the cold at Portsmouth bus stop

CONTROVERSIAL The bus stop in Cosham where the shelter has been removed
CONTROVERSIAL The bus stop in Cosham where the shelter has been removed
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THE removal of a well-used bus shelter in Portsmouth has upset passengers and residents.

The shelter in Northern Road, Cosham, has been gone since January, leaving passengers to brave the elements while waiting for a bus.

But Portsmouth City Council says it had no choice but to remove the benches and the overhead shelter after a road accident left them damaged beyond repair.

The shelter is due to be replaced at the end of May or beginning of June.

But passengers say that the stop is in desperate need of a shelter and that it should be replaced immediately.

Bus passenger Sylvia Holder, 74, spoke about the popularity of the stop.

She said: ‘It’s frequently used because of it being close to the hospital. You could sit down and get shelter but now you have to wait in the rain.’

The stop is outside the Treetops Centre and is regularly used by the elderly coming in and out of Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Another regular user Dora Cameargo, 39, added: ‘It’s an important bus stop. There should be a shelter here.

‘It’s important because the elderly need seats. Usually it is raining or windy. People need shelter from it.’

The council says it takes time to have the shelters made and that it will be replaced as soon as the company that makes them has completed its work.

Pam Turton, the council’s assistant head of transport, environment and business support said: ‘The bus shelter was removed as it was damaged in a road traffic accident.

‘A replacement shelter has been ordered and will be reinstalled at the end of May or early June by the contractors at no charge to the council.

‘Thank you to bus users for their patience waiting for the replacement shelter to arrive and be installed.’