Comparison to Tom Jones wasn’t flattering for mayor

SLIMMING DOWN Former Mayor of Havant Ken Smith before his weight-loss plan
SLIMMING DOWN Former Mayor of Havant Ken Smith before his weight-loss plan
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I have struggled with my weight for years.

It started after I left the RAF. I became a successful aerospace professional and travelled the world on business.

All those airline meals and staying in top hotels started my waistline expanding.

In those days I was pretty fit and played a lot of sport so was able to keep it under control.

My real problems started when I retired and became a councillor. I stopped playing sports for health reasons and my weight started to pile on.

Things came to a head when I became Mayor of Havant in 2011.

My wife Hazel and I did over 400 engagements. We didn’t have time for proper meals so it was either snacks or banquets with not much in between!

It was during that year that I was surprised to find that lots of people approached me to ask if I was Tom Jones! I found that very interesting because Tom and I were born on exactly the same day, June 7, 1940. I was flattered until I started to look at current pictures of Tom and discovered that he had become quite large in recent years too!

All my clothes had become tight despite the fact that I was buying XXL sizes. The final straw was last Christmas when I was appalled to see myself in family photos.

I joined Weight Watchers last January, attended the weekly meetings and downloaded the app on my iPad.

I’ve lost 48lbs, can walk the South Downs again, ride my bike, run up stairs and play with my five lovely grandchildren without becoming sweaty and breathless.

The reaction of my friends, family and colleagues has been fantastic. Hazel has been really supportive and the whole experience has been a major benefit to my lifestyle.