Concern as Petersfield park’s pond is shrinking after one of driest autumns in a generation

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Cllr Hannah Hockaday

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CLIMATE change is being blamed for a popular pond shrinking.

Lack of rain and more water evaporating in warmer weather is being blamed for the receding waterline at Heath Pond in Petersfield.

Adrian Tipper, fishing bailiff for Petersfield Pond Association, said: ‘The water level should be just below the jetty, but now it is 2ft lower and shows no sign of rising.’

The Environment Agency has warned the pond, estimated to be about 22 acres in size, could face problems unless there is significant rainfall. It follows one of the driest autumns in 40 years.

As reported in The News, the groundwater in the Havant area – from which most of the Portsmouth area’s water supply comes – is down by 13ft (4m) on the average for the past 30 years.

There was a third of the average rainfall in October and half the average in November.

Sam Elfer, spokesman for the EA, said: ‘There could be an impact in the spring or summer if the water level in the lake does not recover.’

Petersfield Town Council and the Friends of Petersfield Heath manage the pond.

Council chairman George Watkinson said: ‘Last winter the level didn’t return to normal from its summertime low, and now it’s much lower.

‘But there isn’t much we can do about it; it’s in the lap of the gods.’