Concern raised over raw sewage in Hambledon streets

ACTION WANTED Chairman of the Hambledon Flood Action Group Tony Higham
ACTION WANTED Chairman of the Hambledon Flood Action Group Tony Higham

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Residents are being warned of the potential dangers of raw sewage in floodwater.

For weeks, residents in Hambledon have had to put up with fast-flowing water running through their village streets.

But one of the worst aspects of this is that the water is mixed with diluted waste from sewers.

Tony Higham, chairman of Hambledon Flood Action group, said: ‘It’s not very nice to see solid sewage coming out of manholes.

‘It is a concern, especially with children and dogs running around the water.’

The problem occurs as the groundwater levels are so high that it infiltrates cracks in the sewers.

Southern Water has a long-term project aimed at fixing the problem eventually.

Hampshire County Council has issued this safety advice to residents.

‘Assume that flood water contains sewage; ensure that you wear gloves when handling affected items. Always wash your hands with soap and clean water after being in contact with floodwater, sewage or items that may have come into contact with floodwater. Keep any wounds clean and cover with waterproof plasters to prevent infection from waterborne diseases, particularly if you are in contact with floodwater, or items that have been in contact with floodwater. If in doubt seek medical attention.’

Meanwhile, military manpower is being requested again by villagers tonight as another band of windy weather crosses the south.

Residents fear a power cut could bring disaster to the village and flood dozens of homes.