Concern raised over security at Southsea Canoe Lake after swan attack

POPULAR Families go to Canoe Lake in Southsea to see the swans. Picture: Malcolm Wells (13923-6096)
POPULAR Families go to Canoe Lake in Southsea to see the swans. Picture: Malcolm Wells (13923-6096)

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A DEBATE has broken out over security at a lake following the shooting of a swan.

As previously reported in The News, the creature was thought to have been shot five times with an air rifle as it flew over Canoe Lake, Southsea.

It was taken to Stubbington Ark for treatment but had to be put down the day after the attack, which happened on Monday, April 1.

The person who shot the animal has not been found and The RSPCA didn’t inform police because there was no proof of where it took place.

Now people say things should be done to ensure culprits are caught next time.

Portsmouth resident Penny White said the council should consider installing CCTV cameras around the lake.

‘At least we would have the person who did this terrible attack on camera, instead of them just getting away with this crime,’ she said. But deputy conservative group leader Cllr Donna Jones said installing cameras would only be a good investment if shootings became more of a problem.

The incident was the only one of its kind reported to Stubbington Ark this year.

Cllr Jones said: ‘Obviously it’s incredibly sad that the swan was hurt.

‘However, in terms of installing CCTV cameras and the cost involved with that, I am not sure if it could be justified with a one-off incident.

‘However, if more wildlife was injured down there I would be calling for CCTV cameras to be installed.’

Cllr Jones said police should instead consider pointing security cameras along the seafront towards the lake during evenings.

‘There are CCTV cameras along the seafront,’ she said.

‘Maybe they can be made to point at Canoe Lake in the evenings.’

Vince Faithfull, chairman of Southsea Association, said he would support cameras being installed, but feels using others would leave busier areas with more problems at risk.

‘CCTV cameras have been allocated to areas where there have been past problems,’ he said.

‘Cameras would be turned around into a quieter area.

‘I am not averse to CCTV cameras being there (at Canoe Lake).

‘We can’t have enough cameras in and around a city anyway.

‘But the problems we have got are the amount of cuts being made by the council.

‘Is it going to be to justify putting cameras in?’