Concerns over fuel spill in Portsmouth harbour

WALKERS were left shocked as they discovered a substance floating on top of Tipner Lake.

Monday, 19th September 2016, 9:37 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:44 pm
A fuel spill in Tipner Lake Picture: Michal Kubica

The pollution, which appeared to be a diesel-like liquid, was floating on top of the water near to the Mounbatten Centre, in Stamshaw.

Michal Kubica, from Portchester, was there for a walk earlier today when he was struck by a ‘horrible smell.’ He said: ‘My friend Monika and I went for a walk and what we saw, it was very frightening, we couldn’t breathe properly. The smell was so strong we took some pictures and came back to the car.’

Another resident, Stephen Carter, was walking back from the hospital when he also saw the pollution.

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A fuel spill in Tipner Lake Picture: Steve Carter

The 50-year-old from North End said: ‘I was shocked at the amount of fuel oil covering the surface of the sea. The smell of diesel was horrendous.

‘I contacted the council as soon as possible as I was horrified as to what I witnessing.

‘I just hope there’s no lasting damage or long-term pollution issues and the clean up is quick and swift.’

A spokesman from the naval base, which is responsible for the water in that area, said: ‘It was a small amount of oil found at Tipner Lake, which is being investigated by the Queen’s Harbour Master, the city council and the Environment Agency.’

A fuel spill in Tipner Lake Picture: Steve Carter