Conservatory and aviary are burned in Hayling Island fire 

The destroyed conservatory Picture: Steve Buchanan-Lee @So41 / Twitter
The destroyed conservatory Picture: Steve Buchanan-Lee @So41 / Twitter
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A FIRE that destroyed a conservatory is believed to have started in an aviary.

Firefighters tackled a blaze at a house in Saltmarsh Lane in Hayling Island on Friday.

A spokesman for Havant Fire Station said: ‘We were called at 1.45pm to the property in Saltmarsh Lane.

‘The fire had destroyed the conservatory with smoke damage to the front room and rear bedroom.

‘There was a bird aviary that was also destroyed and some damage to the neighbour’s house.’

Firefighters believe the fire started in the bird aviary due to the hot weather and dryness in the air.

No birds were found – they are believed to have flown away.

Fire officer Steve Bucanan-Lee tweeted: ‘Quick initial actions prevented further spread of a rapidly developing fire. My thanks to all those involved.’