Could you spare a few hours to help at charity?

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VOLUNTEERS are being sought to help out at a charity’s friendship and social clubs for older people.

Brendoncare recently opened its first weekend club in Fareham, meeting every Saturday afternoon at Fareham Library for games, quizzes, indoor curling and a range of other activities.

Volunteers are needed to help at the club to tackle loneliness at weekends among older people.

In all, there are four clubs that meet in Fareham on different days, providing older people with the opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy a variety of activities, and have a chat over a cup of tea and refreshments. One club even offers a cooked lunch.

Volunteers play an essential role in Brendoncare’s clubs, and the charity is proud to hold the Investing in Volunteers award.

There are volunteering opportunities for everyone, from organising activities, to collecting members’ subscriptions, to the important job of making the teas, and of course finding time to ‘just have a chat’.

Volunteering manager Julie Lamont said there is no such thing as an average volunteer.

She said: ‘With a lower age limit of 16, and no upper limit, our volunteers span the generations.

‘Their commitment varies from one hour a week to many hours spread across several days. However much time is given, it is really appreciated by Brendoncare.’

For more about Brendoncare’s clubs go to or call 01962 857099.