Council cancels fine imposed on woman who dropped cigarette butt

Maria Hayward
Maria Hayward
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A COUNCIL has quashed a fine that was given to a grandmother for dropping a cigarette butt.

Maria Hayward was issued with a £75 fine, along with her sister-in-law Sandra, after they dropped cigarette ends in Havant Park earlier this month.

They were caught by environment enforcement officers, who have been out on the streets in a zero-tolerance approach to littering by Havant Borough Council.

Mrs Hayward, 67, suffered a massive stroke in 2001 which left her disabled. She appealed to the council explaining that because of her disability she was not even aware that she had dropped the cigarette.

Her appeal was upheld although her sister-in-law’s was not.

Mrs Hayward, from Leigh Park, said: ‘I’m very grateful that I don’t have to pay the fine but this was an accident.

‘It was due to a weakness in my left-hand side because I had a massive stroke in 2001.

‘I don’t even remember the cigarette coming out of my hand.

‘All my life I have taught my family not to drop litter. This was an accident.’

So far this month more than 250 fines have been issued on behalf of the council.