Council chewing gum campaign a success

CAMPAIGN One of the posters
CAMPAIGN One of the posters
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A POSTER campaign has sparked a reduction in the amount of chewing gum stuck to Gosport’s pavements.

The campaign, researched and funded by the Chewing Gum Action Group, used posters and adverts to warn people they face a £80 fine for dropping gum in the street.

Gosport’s gum litter hotspots were monitored before, during and after the campaign to see what difference it had made.

On average, there was a 69 per cent reduction in gum on the town’s pavements – the third best result nationally.

Graham Burgess, chairman of the council’s community and environment board, said: ‘It’s been a very impressive reduction.

‘If you walk down High Street you will see a lot of it.

‘It used to be outside pubs or wherever people would gather. We wanted to make people aware that if you’re caught disposing of gum in the street it’s a fine.’

Gosport Borough Council was one of 11 local authorities in the country to be selected to take part in the campaign.

The posters and adverts appeared in telephone boxes, bus shelters and billboards.

A survey was later taken of Gosport residents to find out how effective the campaign had been at reaching the public.

Gosport was the best performing region out of the six which were tested.

Of those interviewed, 56 per cent had seen the campaign and were aware of fines for dropping chewing gum on pavements.