Council contractor fixes potholes in Eastern Road

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DANGEROUS potholes created by the snow have now been filled in.

Damage to the surface of Eastern Road, Portsmouth, caused by the recent bad weather were made safe last week by roads contractor Colas.

The company – which has a contract with Portsmouth City Council to maintain the city’s roads – has been resurfacing highways judged to be in poor condition.

Eastern Road was not part of this programme, but had to be repaired near the junction with Tangier Road, in Copnor, after large holes and cracks appeared following the heavy snowfall.

Colas’ highways inspection manager, Terry Saunders, said the repairs were prompted by the company’s internal ‘see-phone-fix’ policy.

‘We always encourage our staff to flag up any hazardous roads so we can repair them,’ he said. ‘And that is what happened in this situation.

‘Someone noticed that Eastern Road had been damaged, and we moved to make the road safe.

‘The treatment in this case was simply to use a kind of temporary Tarmac to fill the potholes, and fix it with a powerful adhesive.

‘It is a good temporary solution until the road can be properly resurfaced.’

A spokeswoman added that Eastern Road was now included in the company’s programme to be resurfaced, but a date had not been set for when work will begin.

Colas said it will continue to carry out regular routine checks of the roads.

Anyone wishing to report potholes can contact the city council’s helpdesk on (023) 9283 4092.

Or email