Council gives travellers notice to move... and black bags to clean up

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TRAVELLERS who have set up camp opposite a church in Stubbington have been served with eviction papers.

Fareham Borough Council has begun proceedings to remove them from the space opposite Holy Rood Church.

A spokesperson for the council apologised for the ‘inconvenience’ to it could cause nearby residents.

They said: ‘Our officers visited the site on a couple of occasions yesterday and they have served the travellers with written notification to leave.

‘All necessary paperwork has been sent to our legal team to prepare papers for court.’

The council gave the travellers with black bin bags with the instruction to leave the full bin bags by the bins for collection by the refuse teams.

The council’s spokeperson added: ‘The law states that we cannot remove travellers from our land immediately but must follow a set procedure to obtain the necessary authority from the courts to order them to leave the site.

‘Once the travellers have moved on we will review our access procedures to see if security can be improved without impacting the accessibility of the open space for our residents.’

The group, made up of 10 adults, 12 children and seven dogs, arrived at the site on Saturday evening.