Council leader says 7,000 home town is needed

Aerial map of where 7,000 homes are set to be built
Aerial map of where 7,000 homes are set to be built

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THE leader of Fareham Borough Council has promised that infrastructure will be in place to cope with 7,000 new homes in the north of the town.

Councillor Sean Woodward was speaking to residents at a Community Action Team (CAT) meeting in Sarisbury Green, where he spoke about the council’s plan for the so-called Strategic Development Area.

The council is still waiting on the results of a public hearing into the plans and whether or not they are sound.

Cllr Woodward, said: ‘There is a proven need for extra housing in Fareham and across south Hampshire.

‘There are some difficult decisions that have to be made about how that would be dealt with.

‘What we want to do is to plan for that need.

‘There are a lot of organisations that would be involved in something like this. The Highways Authority have concerns, of course they do. There need to be solutions found.

‘You can’t just have 7,000 houses worth of cars on the M27.

‘The infrastructure arrangements have got to be sorted out at the start.

‘It’s important that we have schools, doctors’ surgeries, shops and jobs.

‘We have sent out surveys and our residents preferred the option of a new community rather than this pepper-potted expansion of communities.’

Cllr Woodward also revealed that there are a total of 2,240 families on the housing waiting list and that 421 new affordable homes are needed every year.

He added that with the average house price in the town costing £228,000, people can’t afford the deposit of around £25,000.

‘Ninety per cent of properties in Fareham are privately owned,’ he said.

‘It means that there aren’t many homes available for rent.’

He also spoke about the need for 7,000 jobs in the area to match the number of new homes.

This will include plans for a business park at the site of HMS Daedalus in Lee-on-the-Solent.

‘There are a lot of people who want to expand their businesses in Fareham or create business in Fareham,’ he said.

‘There is a lot of interest in providing employment.

‘I think if we can create as many jobs as there are houses then that’s a good ambition.’

The council is expected to hear back from the government inspector next month.