Council survey delivered to 5,000

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A COUNCIL survey is being posted to 5,000 people across the Havant and East Hampshire areas.

Residents have been selected at random to take part in the survey, which aims to find out what services the council should be prioritising.

The questionnaire is the first joint survey between Havant and East Hampshire councils, which now share a chief executive and the same senior management team.

Questions include finding out what the biggest problems are in people’s communities, such as litter on the streets or people being drunk or rowdy in public places.

Sandy Hopkins, chief executive, said: ‘The survey is timed to fit in with our business planning processes and is one of the best tools we have to help put council taxpayers in the driving seat.

‘This year’s survey for example includes a question that attempts to find out where residents would like to see more or less investment in services and projects.’

Havant Tory leader Tony Briggs said: ‘We are committed to ongoing customer insight.

‘The aim is to see how the council is performing from residents’ point of view and to check that the council’s priorities are in tune with residents’ wishes for the area. It will provide us with invaluable information to improve our decision-making and performance.’

In the autumn the results will be made public and used to plan services and projects for the next two years.