Council to improve carbon emissions

Havant council leader will retire from politics after local elections

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ELECTRIC car charging points and an urban solar farm could be part of a council’s strategy to tackle climate change.

The schemes are part of a blueprint to place East Hampshire at the forefront of the energy industry nationally.

Councillor Melissa Maynard said: ‘We are currently in the bottom half of councils for our carbon emissions in the UK. It is our intention to be in the top 10 per cent of the best-performing rural authorities and this strategy will help us achieve that goal.

‘The cost of energy to fuel our homes and businesses continues to rise above the rate of inflation and this is not set to change.

‘The purpose of this strategy is to minimize the impact of rising energy prices for the council, our residents and businesses, gaining economic advantage from lower costs and reducing our impact on the environment.’

It will be discussed at the council’s cabinet on November 6. The energy strategy can been seen at