Councillor does ‘blind walk’ for good cause

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A POLITICIAN has taken part in a blindfolded walk to experience the challenges blind people face on a daily basis.

Lib Dem councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson walked from Guildhall Square to Commercial Road wearing a blindfold and glasses restricting his vision.

It comes as research by the Royal National Institute of Blind People reveals the growing problem blind people face getting around because of obstacles such as bollards, advertising boards, bins and parked cars.

Marie Jenkins, RNIB regional campaigns officer for the south east, said: ‘Blind and partially-sighted people face many challenges on a daily basis and one of the biggest is getting out and about safely and independently.’

Councillor Vernon-Jackson, said: ‘It was really quite frightening.

‘There were some things which the council has built which doesn’t work.

‘I nearly had a nasty injury on the corner of a bench, and the steps near the train station were really disconcerting.’