Councillor urges hour long Gosport’s blackout

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A COUNCIL is urging its residents to switch off their lights for one hour.

The request from Gosport Borough Council comes to mark WWF’s Earth Hour, which starts at 8.30pm tomorrow.

The campaign will see millions of people around the world switch off their lights for just one hour.

It is in an attempt to celebrate the environment and think about how people can protect it.

Councillor Graham Burgess is the chairman of the community board and deputy leader of the council.

He said: ‘We owe it to our planet and future generations to all do that we can to protect it.

‘Earth Hour is not just about saving an hour’s electricity, it’s about realising that the actions we take now; from the energy we use, to the food we buy and water we drink, has an effect on the world around us.

‘We all depend on our planet and what it provides us with, so we need to look after it – not just for an hour, not just for a day, but everyday.’