Councillor wants action to improve safety for cyclists after being hit in crash

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A COUNCILLOR badly injured in a crash is calling for urgent action to increase safety for cyclists.

Sarah Sharp, who represents the Green party on Chichester City Council, was cycling when she was in collision with a car in Chichester.

She suffered a broken shoulder, six broken ribs and two cracked vertebrate and had to be airlifted to Southampton General Hospital, where she remained until being allowed home on Christmas Eve.

She said: ‘It’s rather ironic that it should happen to me after all the campaigning.

‘I have always cycled everywhere, my two children and husband also cycle everywhere and I don’t want what happened to me to happen to them, or to anyone else.

‘Cycling should be a healthy and enjoyable way of getting about but Chichester simply isn’t a safe place for cyclists.

‘I’m not looking for sympathy, what I’m looking for is action and strong decisions to transform this city.’

Cllr Sharp pioneered the 20’s Plenty campaign, which lowered speed limits in the city’s residential roads.