Country lane suffers return of fly-tipping

RESIDENTS of a quiet country lane are at their wits' end after yet another fly-tipping incident.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 6:00 am
Fly-tipping in Whitedell Lane, Fareham

Residents of Whitedell Lane in Fareham are fed up after a huge pile of rubbish including a fridge, a sink and garden waste was dumped on the narrow road.

Anneke Ring, who lives on Whitedell Lane says that it’s at least the tenth time this year that rubbish has been left on their road, and she is growing increasingly frustrated.

Anneke said: ‘I’m fed up with it all, it happens all the time and it’s horrible coming out of your house and seeing all the rubbish on the road.

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‘It makes me feel very cross.’

Anneke lives with her husband and two children, and the fly-tipping affects them all.

Anneke, 38, said: ‘It has a massive effect on our lives, I’ve had to keep the kids off school before because I can’t get past the rubbish.’

Anneke’s husband Barry said: ‘I run my business from home, and if people can’t get to the house then it’s having an effect on our business as well.’

Barry, 37, added: ‘What will happen if an emergency service vehicle needs to come down here for whatever reason and the road is blocked?’

Councillor Maryam Brady, of Fareham Borough Council, shares residents’ concerns and feels action should be taken.

Cllr Brady said: ‘Fly-tipping is a real problem, not just in Fareham, but everywhere, and something needs to be done.

‘I believe we need to increase our enforcement team to help deal with the problem of fly-tipping.’

Councillor Trevor Carwright is in charge of public protection for Fareham Borough Council.

He said: ‘Fly-tipping is a serious offence and we take a firm approach to this. There is just no need to dump waste.’