County is prepared for wintery conditions

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MONTHS of behind-the-scenes preparation has gone into helping towns and villages deal with the cold blast.

West Sussex County Council asked residents to check their leftover salt supplies from last year to learn what quantities were left and what condition it was in.

Staff also toured the county to top up salt supplies and inspected a number of sites where help was requested to prepare existing salt supplies by mixing them properly.

An additional 1,200 tonnes of salt has been made available. Hospitals and schools have also been given extra salt supplies.

Councillor Pieter Montyn said: ‘We have worked extensively this year to make sure our towns and villages know how to respond if the weather turns for the worse.

‘As well as delivering all the salt, we ran volunteer training sessions so parishes have people who can put their winter plans into practice.

‘We are confident West Sussex communities will respond effectively to any snow and ice incidents this winter.’