Couple and dogs rescued in Portsmouth fire drama

Firemen rescued a couple from their Portsmouth flat
Firemen rescued a couple from their Portsmouth flat

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A YOUNG couple and their two dogs were rescued by firefighters after a fire started in a lounge.

A dehumidifier in the living room burst into flames in the early hours.

Thick, toxic smoke from the melting plastic filled the property and trapped the couple in an upstairs bedroom.

A crew from Southsea fire station were called out at about 2.35am to the terraced house in Walmer Road, Fratton.

Watch manager Dave Stephens said: ‘We rescued the people from the first floor with a ladder.

‘There was quite a lot of black smoke endangering their lives.

‘The fire was caused by a dehumidifier which had malfunctioned.

‘The smoke had spread right through the building. The couple shut themselves in a first floor bedroom to protect themselves from the smoke.’

Firefighters did not need to smash down the front door as the husband had fought through the smoke to open the door before going back upstairs to help his wife.

The couple, aged 28, were able to climb through the window with their dog.

A second dog was rescued from the back garden.

The fire was out within minutes and firefighters used a ventilator to clear the smoke.

An ambulance crew were on the scene, but the couple did not need hospital treatment.

Mr Stephens said: ‘They were quite happy we rescued them and their dogs.

‘They were really pleased the dogs were okay.’

He added: ‘The smoke detector in the property alerted them to the fire and then they called us out.’

Firefighters left the scene by about 3am.