Couple’s raw deal after getting uncooked meat at TGI Friday’s

A picture of the undercooked meal
A picture of the undercooked meal
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A COUPLE tucking into a restaurant dinner were shocked when they found raw chicken and a sticker.

Shane Dewhirst, 25, was out with his wife Sarah, 26, when he spotted his chicken fajitas weren’t fully cooked.

But Shane, of Findon Road, Hardway, Gosport, only made the grim discovery after eating most of his dinner at TGI Friday’s in Fareham.

He said: ‘I wasn’t ill from it fortunately.

‘I’d already eaten half of it. The food was a bit squidgy.

‘There was a food label in the salad.’

The pair complained to the manager and were given their meal for free.

The manager called them the next day and apologised.

Shane, a self-employed kitchen fitter, said he’s just glad he didn’t fall ill after the meal last Tuesday.

Sarah, an accommodation office at Gosport Borough Council, added: ‘There was a sticker in it which said use by Thursday.

‘I was going to say something but Shane said “don’t worry about it”.

‘A few moments later he saw the chicken was raw and we mentioned it to the manager.

‘The raw chicken was the worst bit – obviously Shane didn’t want to be ill, he’s self-employed.’

The chain said staff have been given training.

Darrell Wade, chief operating officer for TGI Friday’s UK said: ‘We were very disappointed to hear of our guests experience at our Fareham restaurant.

‘We apologised, addressed the guests’ concerns immediately and took action straight away to ensure meals leaving the kitchen were prepared to our usual high standards.

‘We also spoke with the guest the following day to ensure they suffered no ill-effects.

‘The guest has accepted our offer of a meal on us, during which we hope to restore their faith in Friday’s and demonstrate that this was an isolated incident.

‘In light of the incident, additional training has taken place to ensure this does not happen again.

‘Our Fareham restaurant has a hygiene rating of five and we are confident in the quality and safety of our food at this restaurant.’