Court rules Portsmouth crook must do unpaid work

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A crook who failed to show up for community service has been told to do more unpaid work.

Paul Smith was ordered to do 200 hours of work in the community after he was convicted of handling stolen goods and fraud by making a false representation back in April.

But on three occasions in November when Smith was due to carry out unpaid work he didn't turn up, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

Duncan Cook, defending, said Smith had completed 108 of the 200 hours but had been unable to make it on November 16, 19 and 23 because he was working as a plumber.

'It's a problem with communication rather than a desire not to do the work,' Mr Cook said.

He said that Smith lived with his partner and their three children and the family relied on his earnings.

Judge Graham White ordered Smith to carry out an extra 12 hours of community service as punishment for missing his three appointments.

Smith, of Oriel Road, North End, will also have to pay 95 in costs.