‘Crash bike was not properly put together’, says Fareham mum

Picture: Malcolm Wells

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CARING mum Samantha Kryemadhi has slammed Halfords after the bike she bought for her 10-year-old son collapsed when he was riding it.

The 35-year-old asked the firm to put it together for her son Jack. But on his first ride, the 10-year-old went over the handlebars of his new BMX Mongoose bike, scraping the skin off his arm and putting a dampener on his summer holidays.

Samantha Kryemadhi with her son Jack Foot. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142288-5291)

Samantha Kryemadhi with her son Jack Foot. ''Picture: Sarah Standing (142288-5291)

Now she is now warning parents to check their children’s bikes are put together correctly and claims that Halfords staff rushed to build Jack’s bike.

Mrs Kryemadhi, of Nashe Way, Fareham, said: ‘It’s not about the money, it’s about the safety of other people.

‘If I had heard about somebody on the news who had gone under a bus because they came off a bike that had not been put together properly, I wouldn’t forgive myself.’

Mrs Kryemadhi bought two bikes – one for Jack and one for her other son, nine-year-old Billy – from the Halfords store in Segensworth for £409.

When she arrived at the store to pick up the bikes, Billy’s had been assembled but Jack’s was still in the box. She says staff asked her to wait for 30 minutes and she now believes they rushed the assembly, meaning they did not tighten the bolts enough.

Jack said he was upset by the incident and it had put him off riding his bike on the road.

He added: ‘I was so excited but coming off was scary.’

A spokesman from Halfords said: ‘We’re in discussions with Mrs Kryemadhi and a full investigation is under way.

‘Halfords has been building and selling bikes for over 100 years and we take the safety of our customers seriously. We apologise that it appears on this occasion we didn’t meet our usual high standards and we’re speaking to the family to resolve this.’