850 tickets issued to Gosport and Lee-on-the-Solent motorists in a year

TICKETS Liz Callis has been back working in Gosport since October 2012. Picture: Sarah Standing (133564-5688)
TICKETS Liz Callis has been back working in Gosport since October 2012. Picture: Sarah Standing (133564-5688)

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HUNDREDS of parking tickets were handed out by a traffic warden in her first year back on patrol.

Liz Callis has been keeping a careful eye on parking in on-street bays in Gosport and Lee-on-the-Solent for more than a year.

As reported, she came back in October 2012 after two years off. Before that she had been on the beat for seven years.

Since starting back she has issued 715 parking tickets, given out 55 tickets on vehicles without or not displaying tax, and reported 91 vehicles to the DVLA.

Speaking to The News, she said: ‘There have been more positives than negatives. People can find parking spaces, where they found it very difficult before. People are quite happy that I’m back.

‘It’s kind of calmed down quite a lot as people tend to know that I’m back.

‘I might not get as many tickets as I did before because I’m patrolling all the areas I’m supposed to be. It is more manageable.’

Hot spots include one and two-hour spaces.

Liz added: ‘You can’t really pinpoint, they’re all busy.’

Police sergeant Kirsten Troman, who leads the town centre team, added: ‘Managing the one and two-hour parking bays really helps traffic flow.’

But shop owners in Stoke Road have said drivers, usually office workers, still leave their cars for long periods on the road.

Jason Lewry owns Town Bikes in Stoke Road.

He said: ‘Parking outside my shop is terrible.

‘The problem is we’ve got one traffic warden for Gosport and Lee-on-the-Solent, she’s not going to be able to get down here every day.

‘She has made no difference whatsoever to this road.’

Tony Wing, owner of Stoke Gallery, said parking problems had ‘settled down’.

He said: ‘As far as I can make out, it’s enforced rather thoughtfully.

‘It doesn’t seem to me people are being harassed.

‘Hopefully when she’s out and about it will discourage businesses parking outside business premises.’

He added people who overstay cause problems for shops relying on passing trade.

Liz is hired by the police for a position funded by Gosport Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.

They both agreed to fork out £15,000 a year to the police for the patrols.

It comes as Gosport Borough Council handed out 1,029 fines in its car parks, as of October last year.

South Street, Coates Road, and the south Minnitt Road car parks saw the highest number of fines.