Accidental overdose caused man’s death, coroner rules

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A MAN died at home after an accidental heroin overdose, an inquest has heard.

Duncan Parker, 35, was found dead in his home in Hawkwell, Fareham, on August 13 last year.

Mr Parker was a recovering drug and alcohol addict with a long history of mental health problems for which he had been receiving treatment since 2012.

Coroner David Horsley concluded his death was ‘drug-related, resulting from long-standing severe psychiatric problems’.

A report by pathologist Dr Brett Lockyer found that Mr Parker had a lethal dose of morphine in his blood as well as other prescribed medication.

His girlfriend of four months, Deborah Edgar, called police at around 9am the day died, concerned that she could see him lying on the floor through the window of his home. Ms Edgar said: ‘In the days before he died, he seemed vague, distant and confused. He didn’t remember what he had been doing.’

Shortly before his death, Mr Parker had been prescribed monthly injections of Subutex, which caused side effects including increased fatigue and sweating.

Dr Ingrid Parker, his psychiatrist, said that his history of mental health and the new medication could have caused Mr Parker to become confused and relapse.

He had been clean for two years and hoped to come off prescribed medication.

Mr Horsley said Mr Parker’s death was ‘unintentional, made all the more sad by his attempts to get better’.

by Kimberley Smith