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FIREFIGHTERS are advising people to make sure they get rid of unwanted furniture.

It comes after one crew from Cosham were called out to Kingscote Road in Paulsgrove, Portsmouth.

An elderly lady had been trying to remove a sofa from her flat.

But it became stuck in the corridor of her block of flats – meaning residents could not get in or out of the floor.

Firefighters were called to the incident at 7.50pm on Sunday.

Crews removed the sofa and advised the woman to dispose of it correctly.

Watch manager Steve Pearce said: ‘This was a fire safety issue for two reasons.

‘One, the sofa was blocking the exit and entrance to the floor, of not only the lady’s apartment, but also of those sharing it with her.

‘That is a concern for us, and something the woman realised, which is why she contacted us.

‘But secondly, it would appear the woman was going to leave the sofa outside.

‘This is not advisable, as it poses an environmental threat.

‘It could tempt people into causing fire damage to the sofa, as it has been discarded outside.’