Alert after two men seen acting suspiciously near Hampshire airport

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Police have issued an alert after two men of Middle East appearance were seen acting suspiciously near to a Hampshire airport.

The men were reported to be standing in bushes and pointing to buildings across the airfield at Farnborough airport.

A request for witnesses issued by a member of the Hampshire Special Branch Small Ports Team based at the airport states that the men did not appear to be normal plane spotters when they were seen in the area of Hercules Way between 5.15pm and 5.30pm on January 25.

The alert states: ‘The two males were seen standing in the bushes against the perimeter fence of the airfield pointing at buildings across the airfield.

‘They were described as speaking in a Middle East type language.

‘The witness describes the two males as of Middle East appearance, both in their 30s.

‘One male was wearing grey baggy jogging bottoms and a dark hoodie. The second male was wearing a dark puffa jacket.

‘The witness states that the area is often used by aircraft enthusiasts but these two males did not appear to be interested in aircraft and were not using binoculars or notepads.

‘The males were in a white 1990s era 3 series BMW that is described as rattling and loud.’